Friday, June 3, 2011

Sephora and other cosmetics haul part III

Ok ladies, Im back again , babbling on my recent haul ! ughh ... too lazy to write, but somehow have to finish up before I can move on with something else ! ;(

Let's start with ....

Chanel Rose Envolée Quadra Eye Shadow 31 (RM180), Limited Edition : This quad consist of 4 colours which are all shimmery, (ivory, pink gold, candy pink and plum-brown). See swatches below:

L-R: Pink with gold shimmer, Ivory for highlight, Candy Pink, and Plum-brown (Purple) 

This quad came out along with their other Spring 2011 collection which was released end of February this year. When I first saw the quad, I felt in love with all the colours. I thought the colour combinations were gorgeous and really worked together. Of course I did swatch all the colours before I decided to buy it! Sadly, when I tried on my eyes.. the eyeshadows didnt really blend really well .. and each of them has gritty textures (like some frost eyeshadows by MAC),  poor pigmentation , except for the plum brown (the darkest colour in the quad) and to be honest, it didnt photographs well, if you use digital camera with direct flash ! Im very dissapointed with this quad coz its not cheap !

Though I think, this quad is OK if you use it for daily wear (not for photography purpose). The colour is so soft and harmony. I would describe this as romantic colours,  you would look very sweet if you use this colour combination on eyes + pink/purplish pink blush + pink lipstick ;) Im letting go of this quad.. maybe will put on my swap list on makeup alley. Or maybe if someone interested to have this, please email me for inquiries. Ill sell this palette at cheaper price.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil #20 Espresso (RM78): I also picked this up along with the quadra rose envolee. Just a regular waterproof eyeliner in black-brown shade. The type of pencil is automatic, where its actually easier to use coz you dont have to re-sharpen when needed. It glides on smoothly, a smudgeproof eyeliner,  and stays put all day long. The colour is a nice substitute for black eyeliner if you find that black is too harsh for you. This one really add warmth to the eyes, a great nice shade for daily use. Totally recommended for asian eyes (with hooded/mono eyelid) coz this one doesnt smear/smudge on lid. Alternatively, you can get a similar shade of eyeliner which is by MAC ,Stubborn Brown  (RM63), though stubborn brown powerpoint eye liner is a wooden pencil and smudgeable (great for smokey eyes). 

 Comparison between the two eye liners. They are quite similar in shades, but of different types and usage.

#20 Espresso Chanel vs. MAC Stubborn Brown eyeliner pencil. Both are of the same colour, and waterproof

Im so impressed with the smudge proof and staying power of Chanel eyeliner, a great choice for beginners and those who doesnt want their eyeliner to look smudgy and smeared to the lids. Whereas, MAC Powerpoint eyeliner pencil is not smudgeproof, and great for smokey eyes. I would definitely not use these two on the waterline coz its waterproof.. only would apply for top or bottom eyes.

Next is:

Topshop Eyes in Potion (RM36):  This is a metallic eyeshadows by topshop in plum-brownish (deep purple) black) shade in a cute round case. Quite similar in shade with the e/s in chanel quadra rose envolee but this one is darker. Its very pigmented, easy to blend and great for the outer V / smokey eyes. Very cheap and in fact gives better pay off and intensity than some of high end brands shadows! Highly recommended! Check em out, available in many beautiful shades at any Topshop stores.

Topshop Kohl in Coal (Black) : I don't remember the price, but I think its below RM30 ? hmm someone who knows. please share k /ill update if I get the chance to visit Topshop, probably this weekend. I decided to give this a try because its very pigmented and glides on smoothly. The black is very deep dark black ! Good quality eyeliner, better than any drugstore brands taking into account the price, quality and staying power though this eyeliner is not recommended if you have oily eyelids/mono lid/asian eyes and watery eyes since it's easily smeared and not smudgeproof! Unless.. if you want to do a bad girl eye makeup where you have to actually ignore if your eyes gets dirty and look scary ;p This eyeliner is useful for smokey eye effect, where you draw it as eyeliner, take a pencil brush, dip into dark colour powder eyeshadows, and smudge it very close to the lashes and blend it a bit upward.

The swatches of Coal eyekohl and Potion e/s by TopShop

Right after I put on the eyeliner on top and on the waterline... the eyeliner transferred to my lid and smeared on the bottom eyes.

 without flash under natural light

  without flash ,taken really close up

This is the eye makeup after I line up just a thin line close to the lashes on my upper lid with the kohl pencil and on the waterline, smudge with Potion eyeshadows for smokey effect, using a blending brush, take a bit of Potion eyeshadows, and blend all the way up to the crease.  I just did it in hurry just for experiment, without applying the eye primer first and cleaning up the bottom eyes. Im sure you can achieve it better  provided that you apply many coats of mascara !! ;)) and hope you notice that ...  Purple eyeshadows really POP out brown eyes !!!

photo source: google image

Topshop make up line... from lips, eyes, face, and nail at affordable price.. and the packaging is to die for ! isn't it !!??!

Next product is:

NYX Nude on Nude Palette s119 (RM90 includes shipping); 
This is definitely a gorgeous palette with 20 eyeshadows and 10 lip colours ! The eyeshadows are said to be the dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette, so I will review this later since I haven't received my Naked Palette yet. Stay tuned for swatches and more pics ;)

L-R: The Cool Elite, Count Your Assets

MAC Big Bounce Shadows (RM70 each): New formulated product for the eyes by MAC that came out in Flighty collections and they are all limited edition. The packaging is similar to MAC paint pots, and similar in weight/volume ( 5g/ 0.17 US OZ). MAC describe this as:
"Eyes are fresh and luminescent with beautiful sheen washes of vibrant color using new Flighty Eye Shadows. This spongy, mousse-like eye shadow lightweight, lasts for hours, and imparts a cooling sensation upon application"

To be honest, don't easily trust what they say regarding their product ! I have tested this, and its very awful on its own ! not long lasting.. and its not blendable! Luckily, I only picked up two out of 16 shades available. All of the colours are really gorgeous, hard to decide which one to buy, but end up buying 1 unique colour which is Count Your Assets and a safe colour that can be prettily mixed with lots of colours, The Cool Elite.  This Bounce shadows however can be used as an eyeshadow base and Im impressed with the staying power of this guy as a primer. See the swatches below:
 L-R: The Cool Elite (White with silver pearl), Count Your Assets (Rich Blue Purple with Multi Colour Pearl)

The Cool Elite alone. I've used #242 brush to pat on the lid (not in rubbing motion), just pat2 the thing to get the best intensity or otherwise it will slide and resulting in uneven coverage. It takes a few seconds to dry ... then with flat brush, I pat powder eyeshadows on top to set.

Just my quick experiment, without eyeliners and Ive applied awful mascara that make my lashes so clumpy ! damn ! The pic was taken under natural light, without flash
 With flash

On Lid: big bounce eyeshadows in the cool elite as eye base and on top is White Rabbit (F)
Crease: Blend using #224 with Magnetized (VP) and outer V: using #217, Hold My Gaze (S)

Second.. using Count Your Assets as eyeshadow base

 Count Your Assets alone

Under natural light/without using flash

with flash
On lid: Big Bounce shadows in Count your assets, and on top using MAC Shale (S), and the outer corner with a bit of Shadowy Lady (M)
Crease: MAC Lala (F)

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray (RM109):  
This is suppose to be the setting spray and oil-control product for oily skin. I was actually wanted to try the all-nighter setting spray so badly instead of trying out this freak, but when I asked the beauty assistant regarding the products, she said that this one is better than the all-nighters ! Moral: Don't fully trust the beauty assistant coz she's not really expert about all the products on sale since the stores newly open, and they not really study regarding each of the products over the net .. they give advice base on product description which anyone can read it themselves ! ) So after I tried this thing  a few times, I was really dissapointed with it coz I had forced myself to try out this one rather than the all-nighters which already received so many positive feedback! I dont find this controls the oil neither to be the setting spray itself coz my makeup doesn't last longer, in fact it tend to make my makeup oxidise faster ! Maybe I have to find the right way to apply this.. need to experiment a lot more to achieve the best result.

*All Urban Decay Products are exclusively available at Sephora

Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette (RM70): This is an ultra thin metal magnetic palette that can hold various sizes of depotted pans, allowing you to customise your palette.

I have depotted a few of my eyeshadows and blushers and had organized 'em into the palette.. actually would prefer it to be in its original case but I had to do so,since I wanna keep all of the stuffs organise and easy for travelling. Furthermore, I can get all the empty pots back to mac and get any permanent lipstick colours in exchange ;) You get 1 brand new full size lipstick if you bring 6 empties back to MAC (i.e:  any combination of eye pencil, brush cleanser bottle, eyeshadow/blush pot, powder .. anything)

The depotting process. Click here to see how I depot my MAC eyeshadows/blush

After depotting and customized into the palette. 

This palette also comes with a thin plastic /transparent sheet to protect products during transport.The best thing about organising your stuffs in a palette is, you won't find it hard to play with colours because you can directly see what you have instead of opening the pot one by one. 

After returning all the empty containers back to MAC ...

taraa.. these are the lipsticks that I got for free ! I've chosen three colours which are all cremesheen lipsticks.. well,  I only love cremesheen and satin lipsticks by MAC ;)

From L-R: Speed Dial (cremesheen), Cream Cup (Cremesheen), and Creme in Your Coffee (cremesheen)

the swatches as below:

L-R: Speed Dial, Creme Cup, Creme In Your Coffee

Speed Dial : It is described as light blue pink but it has some gold sheen to it which makes it an interesting shade. The gold sheen makes it wearable to both cool/warm skin tone eventhough the pink has blue undertone to it. I think, fair skintone can pull off this alone without the rest of face/eyemakeup but for darker skin tone, this alone can make your skin appear darker..smokey eyes would be a perfect combination with this lippie if you have dark skin tone. 

Creme Cup: The same goes with this lippie. Its a light blue pink that reminds me of Angel  (Frost) by MAC. They are pretty much exactly the same colours but creme cup has more blue undertone to it, and they are of different finishes. I like Angel better, its a frost lipstick but doeasnt really give a frosty finish (doesnt really give shine like other frost lipsticks). Creme Cup suits fair-medium skin tone, It would look great with smokey eyes.

Creme In Your Coffee: It is described as a creamy mid tone brown. I love this lippie coz its not really brown on me. Kind of rosey, natural colour that I can wear daily. The colour looks pretty classic and sophisticated that suits from fair-dark skin tone.  

and last but not least ...

The Urban Decay Primer Potion (RM75): Definitely my first choice for eye makeup base coz my lid is so oily and this one I can say a Perfect choice for oily lid ! give it a try. you'll never regret ;)

Ok that's all for now. I think Im done. I feel so relieved to finish all the reviews and thoughts regarding my haul.. coz it took me a lot of work to capture the pics bla bla bla. I hope the information has been useful ! and thanx for visiting my blog ;)


Atiqah Adnan said...

very..very.. nice!! suke sangat tengok solekan mata.. cantik laa..

Atiqah Adnan said...

very..very.. nice!! suke sangat tengok solekan mata.. cantik laa..

sweet maniac said...

thank you dear. tp not complete though, saje main2 nak demo the colour ;)

maya said...

cantik sgt.. u xnak wat tutorial ke? suke tgk hasil tgn u. cun!! :)

sweet maniac said...

i wish that i have the time to do it. update blog pun memakan masa yang lama dear hehe. thanx neways ;)

Akira said...

k.anna if u dun mind saya nk tnya if me baru2 nk try make up kan what should i have,the basic ..product yg perlu ada ye?sbb skang klu make up saya just pkai blusher,bb cream,eye liner powder..coz i dunno where to start.. im so admire ur passion about make up !thats y i starting nk make2 ni hihih..btw cant wait for u 2 make up me on my wed nnti on3/12 hihi:)

sweet maniac said...

if you use bb cream, i think that one already work as foundation,concealor, sunblock, and moisturizer + so basic makeup perlu ada loose powder + blusher + lip liner+ a lipstick + mascara.. and eyeliner if you jenis yang suka pki that for daily wear. depends on what you like actually. xsmestinya kena ada kan. if you suka pakai eyeshadows.. plus that one as well ;)

annyss said...

I am absolutely in love with Topshop makeup line. Have you tried their cream blushes? If you haven't the you should! They are amazing! same goes to the eyeshadows. I own Dirty Martini and Uniform. Uniform is such a gorgeous blue colour with purple hue to it. Very nice!

sweet maniac said...

thanx for sharing ;) will definitely check 'em out whenever I go there.

sari and me said...

akak..syina ni..nak tanya ms yuci kawen ritu akak pakai foundation MAC num bp? kitorg nk g shoping makeup bersama sculp kn? lagi ske masa yuci sanding..yg sanding akak x pki chanel kn? br ingat nk try nmpk ms sanding g cun cam x jadi lak nk try chanel..hehehe

sari and me said...

hi akak..mcm best je kelas make up akak..rasa mcm nk join je..

sweet maniac said...

syina, chanel more natural xtebal sgt lg nmpak mcm ur natural skin. sculpt tebal skit. yuci pki NC25 but i use darker powder to balance. try tgk nc30 skali n compare k ;)

sweet maniac said...

boleh jer if nk join for next session 17th july, coz this coming weekend punya dh full. email me if you nak booking a seat, and ill send you the class outline ;)

Arisa said...

Hi, nak tau NYX nude on nude palette u dapat kat mana eh?

Arisa said...

Dengan Ardell Lashes jugak. Thanks! :)

sweet maniac said...

i will update about nyx palette later...
as for ardell, ada kat sephora ;)