Monday, February 14, 2011

Ida Farhan Kelana Jaya ~ Bertandang Reception

Date: 12th Feb, 2011
Event: Reception, Groom's Side

Its Ida Farhan again guys, she decided to hire me as her MUA again for reception on groom's side after I've uploaded her Solemnization Make Up pictures which you can see in the previous post. It was a last minute booking. So, thats the reason why Im uploading these pics seperately. You can view the before make up look of her in the previous post ;)


Nadia said...

cntek kak suhana..=)
nk makeup lg skali bole??hehe..

Cik Nadia Bayu said...

perfect! :)

sweet maniac said...

thanx Nadiass .. both nama nadia ;)
so nadia 1st, awk nk kawin lg sekali with the same person boleh la hire i sekali lg ;)

nadia 2nd: perfect ke.. mana ade la.. thank you for the compliment anyways ;)

Lyna Shaari said...

ana..u nie blh jd MUA 4 brides dh neyh..anna bukakla bissness sndri khas utk makeup shj .hiihih

ar3lynn said...

hi you. i drop you an email ask about makeup. hope you can reply soon. Thanks! -