Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Personal Make Up Lesson ~ 23rd October 2011

Some of random photos from last class which was held a month ago, on the 23rd October, 2011.

If you would like to join my make up lesson, there will be another class this coming 26th November, 2011. The class will start at 12pm-6pm. This is gonna be the last class for this year ! Limited seats available, so hurry up and book your seat now. Its very affordable and all make up stuffs are provided by me. Send me an email for enquiries!

my demo on one eye

Simple Daily Make Up by her

Office Make Up by her

My demo on one eye...
and she completed the rest of the make up herself

Completed make up without glitters

 Completed Make Up with glitters

Night Make Up done by her

Hope you guys had fun in the class and had gained some useful tips about make up from me ;)
If anyone interested to join the next make up lesson by me, feel free to email me for enquiries !


annyss said...

may i know how much it costs for a session?

Cik Nadia Bayu said...

class 4 dec yg last class kan ;p hehe

sweet maniac said...

Anyss: personal make up, ask me anything..rm250 only per person

Bayu: yng tu not open for public huhu.. Class vvip ;p

~eina~ said...

hye anna... untuk bulan jan/feb dah ade schedule ke? plan nak join...

sweet maniac said...

hi eina, insyaAllah i will hold a class on jan but the date is not confirmed yet. will update in my blog for sure.. so keep updated ! ;)