Monday, December 5, 2011

My Second Blog

Hi lovelies :)

Here's a lil update regarding my new blog ! If you would like to know n be updated with my current activities / hobbies/ my projects, my journey as a mother, things that Inspire me .. other than make up thingy, in short, sweetmaniac ~ the other side story, feel free to visit my second blog in Malay text ! :)

blog url  : n b my follower :)

Its new though. So, there's not much in there... n Im not done yet with the editing ! :D The reason why Ive created a second one is because, I wanna separate the content between make up n my other interest. I guess some of you would like to know, hence the new one ! :)

I hope you'll enjoy reading my second blog, n Ill try to update as much things as possible.

Lots of hugs n kisses to my dear reader n follower of my current blog :)


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

yes kakak i wanna see ur current projects!they r sooo inspiringggg... can't wait for ur 2nd blog!!

ezy said...

Salam. Hi There!
Sent an email to for make up inquiries.
Can you check and let me know?

Thank you :)