Monday, December 5, 2011

Personal Make Up Lesson ~ 4th Dec 2011

Hi beauties ;)

For those who had missed my previous make up lesson, you still have an oppurtunity to attend my next class. This class is for personal class only ... basic class from daily to dinner make up, but you can have fun in the class and can create whatever looks that you want to do, We'll together work on it ! ;) There's only 1 VACANT SEAT left , so for those who r interested to join, drop me an email for further enquiries ! You can find my email add, at the top of the page, click the 'contact me' tab !

Location: Bukit Idaman, Selayang (nearby Hospital Selayang)
Date: 11th Dec, 2011 (Sunday)
Time: Tentatively from 10-4pm

All make up stuffs are provided... Thats a special offer from me ! ;))


aishah amin said...

yipppeee i can't wait to attend your class this sunday:)! finally i have the chance to join!


sweet maniac said...

looking forward to c u soon :)

I is Me.. I is Preety said...

can i ask about nx class? how mush for the fee?

Sabrina said...

I hope there will be more classes going on in the future! Really interested in joining it! Love looking at your past makeup job!