Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Facebook Page !

Hi Ladies,

After two years this blog been created, I think its a great move to create a facebook fanpage for my blog ! Its more easier for me to update my current activities and upload pictures for my dear readers to keep updated of my recent works n projects :) Plus, you'll get to know what other products/services Im offering by easily browsing the photo albums.. ( which I havnt yet created  :p )

Interesting thing is, Im planning to run a make up contest !!  The contest for sure is not based on who gets most votes coz I wanna give the special prize for those who DESERVES to WIN ! I hope therell b lots of girls out there who wanna participate and b a part of sweetmaniac world ! Be a fan NOW and dont forget to  spread the word guys! Your interests and likes are much appreciated. Tq :)

p/s: Please leave your comments and suggestions regarding the contest in the comment box below if you think I SHOULD run a make up contest! I wanna see how many of you are interested to join !

Kindly refer to the sidebar for the link to my page on facebook. see you there !


Rina Hamid said...

im interested dear!

Miss AnisSensuous said...

This is what i wish for o(n_n)o

anak-KJ said...

salam, please check your email. am waiting for your response huhu -izdihar khairuddin

putrinorashiqin said...

suka! <3