Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Personal Make Up Lesson ~ 11th Dec 2011

 HAPPY NEW YEAR ! my dear readers ;)

I know that its been a while now since my last post ! I just have the time to update a few pics taken from my last class which was held early last month, 11th Dec, 2011.
This make up class was attended by only 3 person coz another participant couldnt come due to food poisoning ;( Since the gurls had given me great poses, I cant resist to upload many great photos of them ! Enjoy viewing girls ! ;)

ATTN: Due to many emails I had received from you out there... asking me when will I conduct another personal make up class again, Im here to announce that .. the NEXT class will be held this coming SUNDAY, 8th January, 2012. Time: 10-4pm. Location: Aman Siara, Selayang. Seats are very limited, so if anyone interested, drop me an email for further enquiries. You can find my email address at the top of this page, just click the 'contact tab' for my email add. TQ !

NOTE: Class on 8th January is fully booked ... NEXT class will be held on 15th January,2011(SUNDAY). Book your seat now if you are interested to join ! TQ ;)

All make up stuffs were provided by me ;)

Zureen before n after
Nadia before n after

Aisyah, before n after

While work in progress....

More FABULOUS pose from them !

Big Thanx to you guys for joining my class, hope ya'all had gained lots of things from me ! ;)


aishah amin said...

hahahahaha omg bukan maen lg pose! over gile i feel like slapping myself! *facepalm*

anna thank you so much for being a wonderful makeup guru! xx

sweet maniac said...

Ya'all look so gorgeous laa.. Sayang if x publish ! ;))

Cik Alejandra Amante said...

hye dear..fee berapa? then i takde makeup tools pun. how??

sweet maniac said...

Fees for personal mke up is rm250 only all mkeup stuffs r provided