Monday, November 12, 2012

Lisa Rusman ~ Photoshoot for Harian Metro

Model: Lisa Rusman
Photo Shoot for Harian Metro wearing Rina Salleh's collections
Date: Tuesday, 6th November 2012

Natural Makeup but with definition for Hijabers

With the same eye make up, I just enhanced the colour of her lips for a more sophisticated look. Isn't she looks beautiful !

For more pictures behind the scene... please visit . See you there ! Thank you ;)

Salam and Take Care


Magic Chic said...

I love the falsies kat pic yg pakai tudung purple. I love all your works sis, very cantik!

Anna Ismail said...

thanx magic chic ;) realy appreciate ur compiments and thanx for dropping by my blog ! the falsies are by MAC # 4 in case u wanna know ;)

Anna Ismail said...