Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MAC Warm & Cozy, LOve Lace Photos and Swatches

These are all what I got from the Warm & Cozy as well as the LOve Lace collections. Only a few I guess .. coz there are quite several things that I skipped from both collections... Im proud of myself coz I can think rational this time not to buy what arent suitable for me :p

From the Warm n Cozy... Ooo I love neutrals, but the eye shadows werent really caught my eyes ! They just look the same with the regular one, so I think I better choose the permanent neutrals instead, or wait for the All Ages,All Sexes, All Races collections which is coming soon .. maybe end of Jan or early Feb.. So, Embark was the only one that I bought. This shade is one of the most popular MAC eye shadows. Its a permanent shade, but MAC in Malaysia doesnt carry this colour. So, this is the best time to grab Embark coz its considered as the Limited Edition stuff in Malaysia hehe.

For the shadesticks, they are 4 colours .. I just got two of them which are Nurture and Relaxed. I think these two are the best compared to the other two. Nurture is kind of shimmery peach tone while Relaxed is like a dark shimmery brown which is more to bronzey tone. I think the dupe for this one is NYX Jumbo Pencil (French Fries).

And 1 thing for sure.. the MSFs are so beautiful.. so I picked both of them ! Comfort is a brownish tone with Gold veining which can be used as a bronzer or for contouring. Someone with fair skin can use this as a blusher as well.  By Candlelight is a very light peachy pink colour with gold veining and it is shimmery, good for a highlight whether for face or as browbone highlighter and would be great for blusher too !

There are 4 of the lip glasses, and I decided to get just 2 of them. Most probably the 2N which is a nude peachy tone, a very popular one ... and Light that Fire, its like an orangy coral , which I think I should have in my collections coz I only have a few of orange tone lip colour. There are also 4 lipsticks, but Im just into Warm Me Up ... very beautiful colour. Its not so dark neither so pale .. just a medium shade that I think suits everybody.

I didnt pick many of the Love Lace stuffs just two of the eye kohl pencils(but the MA forgot to include that !!!) all of the eyeshadows, Suave Intentions, Hypnotizing, Love Lace and Pincurl, and one of the two lip glasses which is Icescape coz others are just soo sooo for me ...

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Reen Tart Nenas said...

best nyer barang2 mac nie...
just wore it twice, itu pun sbb ada functions. thanks for the great info! :)