Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mini Haul

Just a random haul pic.. which I think the swatches might be useful for someone whose looking for it before buying. I love to look at the swatches too before buying something ! I got a new MAC blusher, well just to add a new shade in my collections :) I wasnt intend to buy these .. but ya know, once you are at the store.. you cant help eyeing on something ! Ughh !!

The 4 pan pro palette is for the new Love Lace eyeshadows.. I would love to keep those 4 eye shadows in a palette as soon as I depotted 'em. 1 brush which is #116 ( a blush brush), Coy girl Blusher, Loud Lash mascara (waterproof) and an eyeshadow Starviolet ... and one Back To Mac item,  a free lipstick where this time I picked up Angel ( I believe, this is one of Kim Kardashians fav lip colours. )

The swatches... Angel is a nudey pink colour ... very suitable for the smockey eyes look .. and Coygirl blusher is a purplish pink ( more pinky)


LaLaLovy said...

i love it so much!

sweet maniac said...

glad that u do :)