Monday, July 11, 2011

English Romantic Bridal Look

Follow up class for Natural bridal make up look.

Make Up Concept: Simple English Bridal Look for fair skin tones, using pastel pink and purples. Soft grey eyeliner using only powder eyeshadows, no falsies, light foundation + powder application and pinkish purply blush and lips, suitable for daily makeup/ solemnization / engagement.

Make Up and Hair done by: Yana (Make Up Parlour)
Model: Farah ( Sugar Spice and What Not )

I decided to post it on my blog for your viewing pleasure...Enjoy the pics of these gorgeous sisters !

curling process using babyliss pro hot curling iron
doing make up while waiting for the curling process in progress

After curling hair and makeup is done

Thanx yana and farah for joining my class. Really appreciate your interest and support ;) Hope the pics will give some inspirations to those who wants a simple make up for their occasion. Have a nice day everyone ! ;)


efa fairuz said...

i pun follow their blogs.. semua pandai mekap.. suka suka! ;D

Azie Azua said...

hye! boleh tanya tak..kat mana u beli babyliss hot roller tu? dr oversea ker? i dah lama cari kat msia.

sweet maniac said...

dkat PCQ. sg. wang

ferrarossa said...

baru sempat nak comment! thanks for featuring us kak.. wondering if you have delivered.. i doakan semuanya berjalan lancar. I had so much fun playing model for you and kakak. <3 !!!