Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Private Make Up Lesson ~ 19th June 2011

Sorry for this late update on my previous make up lesson which was held at my house last 19th June,2011 (sunday)  ;)

Nothing much to say, just wanna share the pics of the happy faces who joined the class. Thank you to Yana, and Farah from Make Up Parlour, click the link to visit their makeup service blog ! They are also a beauty blogger .. please visit their personal blog at Farah and Yana . Also thanks to  Liyana and Syasya for joining the class. I had a great moment with you girls ;) Now, let the pictures do the talking!

Click the pictures to enlarge! Some of the photos are contributed by Yana (using nikon D90) thank you sweetie ;) If you wonder about my pictures, some of them are taken by Canon 550D and Ricoh CX1

Some of the stuff

The eye makeup achieved by them for different shape of eyes + different falsies before face make up, so ignore the dirty shadows below the eyes.

 Syasya~ bridal make up suitable for solemnization

 Liyana ~ Soft smokey purple+grey eyes

 Yana ~ Kim K Inspired look (actually inspired by her leopard print shirt hehe)

 Farah ~ Peacocky eyes (peacock green + pink eyes) and purplish pink lipstick

some random photos during the class ...

Hopefully the girls had gained knowledge and learnt something new from me ;) I had so much fun meeting you all . Thanx once again !

p/s: for those who are interested to join my makeup workshop, class for next session on 17th is already fully booked, but you can join on 16th July (saturday)  1 more vacant seat. email me for inquiries ;) don;t miss this great opportunity coz the fees is at affordable rate (promo price ). You can learn lots of things using high end brand products !


Cik Nursya said...

akak... leh tnye x? dieorng gune foundation brand ape ek?? nmpk smooth je.. cantik,,

LaLaLovy said...

i love the Kim K make up looks. esp the color of blusher. thumb up!

sweet maniac said...

they use diff kind of foundation la dear.. which ive provided for them to show the diff. effects ;)

Zinnirah Humaira said...

kim k look, gorgeous..huhu.

ferrarossa said...

<3 the class! it is so useful and worth every cent! I highly recommend this class for anyone. I learn so much from kak, from coverage to blending eyeshadows. absolutely grateful that we had a chance to learn w u! xoxo hugs

sweet maniac said...

farra.. im so grateful that u feel that way ! thanx for the testimoni dear, really appreciate it ! thanx ;))

sari and me said...

waa...menarik tgk kelas akak..diorg pun cam sonok.. akak syina nak tanya..primer makeup plg best skali ape? plg bagus dr m.a.c ada x? hehehe

sweet maniac said...

u can try mac primer. they are available in many colours for correcting your skin tone. depends. ask the MUA there what she/he suggests for ur skin type.even moisturizer can act as a primer ;)

globelawed said...


how much is per class, what time does it start and what do we have to bring ya?


sweet maniac said...

email me to know about the class. i'll give you the class outline ;) thanx

Azlinda Rusli said...

Hi anna,

Will join your class someday...awesome!!


chenurulhusna said...

slm akak...sy slalo jenguk blog akak..suka sgt tgk akak make-upkan org:)akak pon cantik orgnya,,hee

natural ja.xde la over sgt:)

satu hr nanti hajat nk bljr mae-up dgn akak...n berangan jg nk akak makeupkan sy nanti sy kawen:Phaha..tp lmbt lg tu:)

slm kak:)