Friday, May 6, 2011

Hantaran from Him to Her

Just wanna share my last week's project, wedding gift decorations from groom to the bride. Ive been asked to decorate it according to the wedding theme, which was black + red and I decorated it with lots of red and less black, coz using lots of  red roses would make the hantaran more outstanding, isn't it ? The client also provided me with a few of his own white trays ... and I mix matched it with my custom made white cushion boxes to complete the set.
Perfume set - narcisso rodriguez

A cheque and jewellery sets

Guess handbag


Bunga Rampai / Potpourri





If you wish me to decorate your hantaran gifts, don't hesitate to email me for any inquiries ;)


h.t said...

erm kak nk ne kak wat pic kak copyright eh?

sweet maniac said...

i pun dah lupa..
ada two functions actually.. kalau xnak bg save kna letak another code. just google.. how to disable right click and how to disable save picture as

sweet maniac said...

but it seems like the code is not working anymore.. i dont have the time to fix the problem ;p

choclairissa @ intan said...

nice colour combination n deco~

nurs said...

lawa nya!! how much do u charge pe tray??

btw i havent gotten my nikah pictures yet ;(

-shaela, Bukit Jelutong

sweet maniac said...

tq shaela ;)

shael, u nak tempah ke .. hehe. manala tau untuk majlis cukur jambul ke *wink*

n said...

hehehe tp dah kawen camne nak tempah?? ehehe