Thursday, March 10, 2011

Korea Love ~ Eye Liner

Where to get this ? 
 The Streets, The Curve

Selling price?
only RM19.90 (cheaper than those selling at drugstores)

Quite ok .. very deep dark black

 Eye Liner Type?
Its a Gel Eyeliner that comes in a great bottle packaging and brush applicator is included !

The bottle cap comes with a synthetic eyeliner brush applicator which I find it easy to use.

Its a great 2+1 product which you can carry in your bag ;)

For me this eyeliner is only meant for the upper eyes, to line your lid coz it seems that it doesnt stays on my waterline.. ewww. So I guess, this is a waterproof eyeliner ? Hehe I dont understand korean language.. so I cant read the details on the packaging .. darn!

I lined my eyes using the provided brush applicator, so it was quite difficult to make the line on the inner corner very pointy and sharp.. or maybe I was tooooo lazy to make it perfect and very dark there ? hmm

Bottom line, this product is not very bad at all, coz its very cheap and its suitable for everyday use = Beauty On a Budget ;)


Ms Lis'EM said...

Gorgeous!!! i love winged eyeliner, but..... i don't know how to make a perfect winged like this.. can u make a tutorial for this look? :)

putrinorashiqin said...

cantiknya ! eh applicator dia kan same macam silky girl ...
tapi harga tak tahu sama ke tak

akak beli tak wonder woman collection ,kalau beli cepat buat tutorial hahaha

.::cintabungablogspot::. said...

sis... it's awesome! suke sgt²! ;)