Monday, October 18, 2010

MAC Venomous Villain Haul + Swatches Part I

This time, MAC has teamed up with Disney for a special collaboration of the latest limited edition stuffs., the Venomous Villain. All the products are inspired by 4 villains in Disneys Movies; Cruella De Vil of 101 Dalmations, The Vain Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and Dr. Facilier the voodoo witch doctor from The Princess and The Frog. When I first being informed by the MUA that, the collections already hit the stores,  I quickly gave her my  product lists to be reserved first ;p ...coz I knew some special items could be sold out within hoursss ! 

My Mac Disney Collection Beauty Spree ;)

Each of the boxes has got this kind of character sketches on it .. which I lovee and these will be great as part of my boxes collections too !

The collections are divided into 4 parts according to each of the  Disney characters and I only grabbed a few items from each of 'em. Its not deniable that the packaging is really cute coz its got the beautiful stamped character on it, but thats not the reason why I bought the stuffs, though . The first time I heard that MAC will come out with Disney inpired collections, cute characters came to my mind like mermaid / daisy duck perhaps. (hehe I love daisy duck ever since I was  a kid ;) ) However, I think the villains idea is super cool too and the colour collections are great! Yess definitely, especially the super pigmented mineralized eyeshadows.
 I got only two Evil Queen eyeshadows, and both mineralized eyeshadows from Maleficent.
Two super gorgeous colours mineralized e/s, She Who Dares (Left) and My Dark Magic (Right). I love Maleficent image on almost every product, especially this and the lipsticks.
 Evil Queens e/s: From left is Vainglorious and Her Alter Image. Love it !

L-R Counterclockwise: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic, Vainglorious, Her Alter Image

 The swatches: All the colours that you could get from the mineralized e/s, I love 'My Dark Magic' in overall, but only the green colours from "She Who Dares. I think, the blue one is pretty similar to the mineralized e/s from the Style Black Collections which I already have. The textures of both e/s are super great and gives good pigmentation ... much2 more better than the previous formula ;)

 Both the swatches of e/s that I got from the Evil Queen Col. I skipped the matte purple one ( Vile Violet) though i think the colour is really pretty, coz I have so many purplesss in my collections. Purple eye shadows are really great for brown eyes. The colour will make your brown eyes .. POP ! ;)

My Most FAV. Products. The lipsticks and the lipglass ! Look how evil maleficent looks on the lipstick casing. E-vil but gorgeous ! ;) 

 L-R: Innocence, Beware !, Violetta and Revenge is Sweet l/g

These are the swatches of  my most fav. lip products: L-R: Innocence, Beware ! (Love the name as well as the colour), its a nude yellow pink ~ great to match with smokey eyes  or can be worn this as your daily lip colour, pretty pale.. you would look pretty innocence , though ;p  Dont worry, you can always combine nude lip colour with a matching darker shades of lip liner but blend it well to give it a lil colour. Violetta ( One of MAC bestseller lipsticks), so so so pretty. I always love purple / fuschia tone lip colour. This one can be categorized under the same family with Show Orchid,  & Petals and Peacock., but Violetta is more to purple tone. Gorgeouss !! Revenge is Sweet l/g, is a matching lipglass to Violetta. Its a purple hue with yellow undertone .. so it suits fair to darker skin tone ;) Gorgeous on its own as well.

Im not really into Dr. Faciliers product except for 1 thing ...

Venomous Villain Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth n Light. Mac describes this limited edition powder as, "A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer. Light reflecting, and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosityand a soft radiant glow to the skin".  

There are two shades, Cajun and Truth n Light where the one I tookt is more wearable for fair to medium skin tone. Its a sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink. I love this magic powder. This, however is very shimmery so its great to be applied only as a highlighter on the cheeks, bridge of nose and a lil bit on the forehead. The cooling effect after applying is amazing feel coz the powder turns into liquid when applied. 

 The swatches of Truth and Light. This thing is so hard to photograph.. you can barely see it in this picture. So, does it mean that its safe to powder this all over the face ?

 I didnt grab any of Dr. Faciliers pigment line but I did get free samples of all the pigments ;) This is enough for the whole of my life since I dont really wear this .. haha

 Pigment Swatches from L-R: Push The Edge (Deep Bright Purple with Pearl), Brash n Bold ( Bright Magenta), Melon (Soft Bright Golden Peach)

~To be continued in Part II~


efa fairuz said...

omg! i super love that "she who dares"!! strong and dark and glittery..

too bad there's no MAC here in perlis.. :(

reena said...

Cantiknya color Innocence, Beware ! tu.

sweet maniac said...

efa: oo you stay kt perlis ke ? jauh tu..
reena: yess it is, sgt2 natural colour

Moose said...

innocence is my type of lipstick colour. :)
i'm not fan of lipstick but the colour really caught my eyes but too bad i already bought lipstick (paris) from stage.

sweet maniac said...

ive never tried any of stage products. are they great ? As far as im concerned, stage is a malaysian brand, is it ?

Moose said...

yes, that's what i've been told. so far, i bought their lipstick, mascara, compact powder and foundation. i'm loving the lipstick and compact powder but not the foundation because i bought the wrong shade. i dunno maybe it oxides or anything but whenever i wear it, ppl keep on asking why my face is darker. :(

mascara yang i beli tu is tad too waterproof. even my waterproof eye make up remover pun susah nak remove.

sweet maniac said...

oic, you should try lighter shades la kot... actually thats normal when your face is exposed to uv/air etc, the foundation tends to get oxidized faster and change colour.hmm I use oil base remover for waterproof products, tp I try johnsons baby oil lg senang tanggal and gentle to the skin