Monday, October 4, 2010

Majlis Bertandang Makeup for Fara Fatihah

location: Melaka  (Grooms side), 2nd October 2010

p/s: To Fara, if you read this. Thanx a lot for hiring me to do your make up for the second time. Hope you satisfied with my work ;) May you live happily ever after with your dearest hubby. Semoga cepat2 dikurniakan anak yg comel2 just like you. Amin


n.h.m.s said...

i suke sgt u mekap.i just found ur blog lepas i kawen feb lepas.if tau,dh lame i amik u~~isk.:(

anyway, keep up ur good job!if you don't mind, i linkkan ur blog cos suka tengok u mekap2.heh.tq.

sweet maniac said...

hi there :) thanx for dropping by at my blog. sure no problem, u boleh link my blog ..much appreciated ! thanx for the compliment too ;)

SoFiA.opY said...

eh eh i peminat fara and jae after i watched their pre wedding video!they are super cute couple kan?

grrrrrrrrrrrr :p

Nadiah said...

Eye shadow colour so nice.Purple plum tone colour ke? it's all from MAC range?


I plan nak beli brush for blusher, any brand you can recommend to me? Currently I using Body Shop saja.

sweet maniac said...

sofia: yess indeed. great couple kan ! ;)

nadiah: its pastel pink+ bright pink+ peach+purple brown (all from mac)
brush for blusher ? find something yg quite fluffy and quite big brush so you dont end up looking like a clown.. blusher guna yg murah jelah hehe. but invest more on eyemakeup brushes ! tp i guna all from mac.. sukaa

sweet maniac said...

and .... light gold satu lg hehe .. on the inner corner of the eyes ;)

Fara Fatihah said...

Anna! hehe. thank you for everything. for traveling all the way to melaka and etc. hehe. i love it. everyone loves your make up. hope someday our path will cross again. take care sweetie!

Nadiah said...


This Morning I try put eye shadow plum-brown colour.May be I tak pandai nak blend so end up I feel mcm clown

But I suka tengok you make up eye shadow pink-plum base colour.

Any tips?

sweet maniac said...

my advice is: try put the eyeshadow bit by bit.. klu xcukup tmbh, to intense. letak blend.. and xcukup letak and blend again ;) klu salah/terlebih try rub it off a little by using cotton bud and blend using a clean blending brush. good luck

Nadiah said...

Thank Anna for your tips.

I will practice again.

hazlina said... to contact u? i wanna ask ur services for my solemnization day..

hazlina said...


hi..cmane nk contact u? i wanna ask 4 ur services 4 my solemnization day..

sweet maniac said...

Hi hazlin, u can find my email address on top of the page. Click the 'contact me' button to get my email add. Thnx :)