Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Depotting The Eyeshadows

I like to keep all of my eyeshadows organised n compact coz it would take a less space on the vanity table / in the drawer. I have mostly MAC eyeshadows that comes in a single pot, where I always depotted it and transfer into the MAC pro palette. I prefer palettes bcoz  pots tend to take up so much more space. I dont depot the limited editions shadows though, because of the special packaging ;) I do sometimes buy the pro pan refill shadows over the net... since not all colours available at MAC pro stores here. The pro refill pan is more effective for the palette, coz you dont have to take much effort depotting, and the magnet is already attached to it together with the label so the eyeshadows can be easily customizable.

There are several ways to de-pot the eye shadows, but the one I do is the simplest and the easiest method. Follow these simple steps:
 Tools you need: 90-95%  Rubbing Alcohol ( I dunno where to buy this since alcohol is a controlled item here, in Malaysia ;) - I was lucky to get this item from a fren who works at a cosmetic store. I guess any counters that sell cosmetics have this item since they use it to sanitize their make up/testers for hygienic purpose) , Cutter, Any sharp/thin/pointy tools ~ a knife will also work, a cotton bud and tissue
*Dont worry if you dont have alcohol, you can use a lighter / burning candle to heat the pan to take it out from the plastic insert, follow the initial steps below first...
 I use a big metallic loop extractor thats specially designed to remove the blackheads to separate the eyeshadow pan from its case. 
 Insert the pointy tips at the front latch of the pot, and gently push up the insert plastics that holds the metal pan eye shadow apart from the pot.

The two separated pieces. You can put aside the empty container  but dont throw it away ! Collect 6 of the empty pots (mix of any 6 empty containers would do) you can get them back to MAC and youll get one regular lipsticks of your choice except for the Viva Glam range in return ! ;)

Cut just a little bit of the front latch  on each end (becareful not to cut the metal pan). Grab the plastic insert in between the cut piece by using the plyer and peel it of a little until you see the metal pan.

*If you are using candles/lighter, just heat up the bottom of the pan to melt the glue. Hold the pan by using a mini sharp pointy plyers coz the pan will turn very hot. After a few seconds, try push the heated plastic insert by using the mini plyers... make sure you turn the eyeshadows facing a clean towel/paper coz it might pop out from the plastic pan and dropped.
 Pour a lil bit of alcohol into the peeled area and wiggle it so that the alcohol is spread all over the bottom of the pan. You can directly spray the alcohol / wet a q-tips with alcohol and drip it into the spots in between the metal pan and plastic insert. Try not to get too much of  alcohol into the products, just drip it directly between the holes. The alcohol may soften the glue and removing the pan from the plastics would be easy !

*You may skip the above step if you are using flames. Try re-heat if its hard to remove the pan from the plastics until the glue is completely melt. You may follow the steps below after you have finished with the heating part.

Once again, I use the pointy tools and push up the metal pan from the plastics. Do it very2 gently !

Here is the metal pan when its taken out..the remaining glue that sticks at the bottom can be cleaned up using the alcohol. Use a q-tips to do this and rub off any excess by using a tissue paper. Make sure that you place the eyeshadow pan on any clean surface ( I use a white paper). You can either place it on a clean towel / tissue paper instead.

Cut a piece of magnet and attach it to the bottom of the pan using a double sided tape. The magnet paper is rarely find here coz its a product from Japan ( you can look up this thing at kinokuniya/ jusco midvalley/Isetan stationaries). If you wanna put the sticker lable at the back of the pan, peel off the labels from the pot first and attach to the magnet using the double sided tape and cut the magnet according to the label shape.  
*Notes: The sticker labels is easier to be peeled off by heating the pots. Hold the pot with  a plyer couple of inches away from a burning candle to make sure the sticker label is not burned out. Heat until the glue melts and its surely can be easily taken off from the pot.

After the depotting and labelling is done... you can now customize the depotted shadows in an empty palette as you like !! ;)

There are two types of palettes that you can choose .. one is a pro palette that has 15 empty slots and a quad that of course has 4 empty slots. These palettes can be purchased at the pro stores ( klcc / midvalley).
 MAC pro palette that holds 15 eyeshadows

MAC quad that holds 4 eyeshadows

My MAC peach + pink palette. I like to keep all of the eyeshadows in palettes coz I think they are more organized and its easier to get an overview, and to decide which combinations to choose. 

In case you are wondering... From left- right .Top: Vex, Love Lace, Bot: Electra, Carbon
The quad is more handy and portable. I usually will pop in the shadows I need in this quad if im travelling coz its much more easier to pack. You can mix and match and change the colour anytimeeeee as you wish ;)

~Happy depotting and organizing your eye shadows !~ ;)


Atiqah Adnan said...

uyooo.. smart!
very organized~
btw nak tanye haritu sabtu u ade datang melaka ea.. wdding adzlin n rizal? sebab if im not mistaken macam ade selisih dgn u masa kt pintu.. tihihiii ^__^

sweet maniac said...

indeed. kenapa xtegur ! ;)

camilia said...

salam, u know you can remove the inset from the big organizers and fit many more shadows in them!

Atiqah Adnan said...

i segan.. tatau nak tegur macam mane..btw cantik sangat u mekapkan amelyn hari tu.. kagum!!

sweet maniac said...

camilia, thanx for sharing it here ;) seriously I never thought of it! It would save up my makeup kit, if I bring less palettes .. But rs mcm syg la plak nk remove the big insert.. coz i like to c them cantik tersusun.hmm I would probably do it to at least one of my palettes though. tq ;)

sweet maniac said...

atiqah: ala yer ke.. jgn segan. I maybe nmpak sombong but friendly ;p poyo x statement tu. I pun segan hr tu rs cpat2 nk balik coz i pakai jeans.. org dh ramai.
Im happy if you said so... tq ;)

Deeya Cantabile said...

may i know what's the price for pro palette 15?

sweet maniac said...

If im not mistaken, the price is rm45 .. Sorry lupa but its rm40++

Azlinda Rusli said...

i bakar bottom part of the eyeshadow port tu..org MAC yang ajar..a bit messy i must say, abis hitam all over the place..

next time can try ur way...much better..and cleaner..

sweet maniac said...

Azlinda: last time i buat mcm tu, bkr the bottom.. Very fast way to melt down the glue but dont over heat it. I like this method more, x perlu brmain dgn api nanti memakan diri sendiri :p