Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I hate ...

Well, just an update to let you all know that Im still alive... haha. Im not in the mood for blogging lately... sorryif you think this is a boring one ! I came across a site and felt in love with this photo.. so I feel like sharing the pic here.. 

I wish I know how to do this kind of editing. I love vintage photos ! It looks pretty classy.. I like this colour palette, very antique-ish! ;)

Well, that was just a 'refreshment' lol, here's actually a message to tell .. to remind us all ..Don't take anything ... Don't take other people's kindness for granted ! Appreciate other people's effort to make you happy.

"Yes, do some soul-searching and ask yourself whether you have been treating the people who are nice to you coldly – could be your parents, your siblings, your friends, colleagues, or your neighbors... It could be anyone. Have you been too harsh on them? Or you feel that it is their obligation to treat you well? Spend few minutes and think about it."

p/s: Look at yourself, before you judge/criticize someone else .


efa fairuz said...

is there anyone who've been treating you badly lately?

kelipkelipchumel said...

gemo perkongsian peringatan kamu itu.you open my eyes lah dis morning.wish that i can be a better person for everyone.especially da one yg mmg deserve..thanks utk perkongsian ni sue.

sweet maniac said...

efa: nmpknya begitulah..tp I hope ill be stronger and lg byk bersabar dgn karenah manusia.

bayu: hee.. same here.sama2 lah kita memperbaiki diri and menjadi insan yg lebih baik untuk dunia dn akhirat. amin

Ribbon Clown said...

thanks for the reminder ;)