Sunday, November 7, 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale

"We're telling a slightly twisted Tartan Tale to celebrate holiday, in all its posh, punk, ancestral, anarchic, noble and naughty glory. Royal and raunchy, colours and patterns collide, fantasies come true, punk fairies take flight with enchanted new looks. Be transformed!"
I just checked out this super huge new collections by MAC, last night ;)  This  holiday collections is officially here since last Thursday, on 4th Nov 2011, and now they are having a promotion at the KLCC Centre Court till Monday. Bare in mind that the collections are part of chapter 1 ! There are loads more to come  ! I guess the next stage will be the pigments and lipglasses sets that comes in a super cutey tin which you can re-use the tin as your brush/pencil holders ;) 

I haven't bought anything yet .. I love2 the packaging, the begs, the palettes, kits etc, the products are awesome but that dont impress me much, so I thought, I need to spend some time thinking in getting what I really need .. not just what I really want ! Holiday collections comes in sets ..lip sets, eye makeup sets, face kits, brush sets, palettes which I think is worth for the beginners and for those who wanna add an extra fun stuffs to your makeup collections,... yesss , this is the time ! The price is so cheap compared if you buy each item alone. 

My problem is, there are some items are repromotes, and some are permanent stuffs which I already have ... so its kinda complicated for me to choose. Like this one set ... mineralized set if im not mistaken, that comes with a square tin like a pencil box. Im contemplating to choose between the two ... I dont really love the goldenish tone set.. I prefer the purplish one, but theres only ONE thing in the sets which I dont have, which is the mineralized eye shadows ! But I must buy either one coz I want the pencil box ! lol. 

This is a serioussss problem for me, and I hate it whenever I want to buy sets ! I know sets is sooo worth it ! but sometimes, you just have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get that 1 item that you like .. ;( Unless I can re-sell things that I dont really want .. then its FINE with me ;) The same thing goes to this brush sets ! I dont really prefer this synthetic brushes coz they are machine made .. so of course the quality is very different with the regular brushes which are handmade ! BUT ... the brushes came with this super adorable beg which I fancy ! Damn ! Again, do I need to purchase the brush sets ? Eventhough I already know that Im not really going to use that brushes ? .. hmm but the bag is cute though, I cant resist it ;D

So last night, I managed to take some photos of the event which was held at the concourse area... so, let the picturezZz do the talking ! Enjoyyy ;)

I guess, I still have a lil' time to make up my mind before some of my favs are sold out ! For the time being, here are my wishlist items:

-palette: 6 Dashing Lassie eyeshadows ( I just loveeee the earthly tone, the pigmentation is great, the palette is soo small and compact)
-lip set: Vain and Glorious Lip Bag .. though I already own babysparks dazzleglass *sobss*
-Brush sets: She's Got It All, Apply, Define and Line Brush Collection .. because I aim the bag not the brushes ;p Im actually more interested with'A Lady And Her Tricks, Buff and Line Brush Collections' since all the brush range are pretty useful for me .. i guess
-Mineralized Kit - My Scottish Fling !! But I was dissapointed when I foun out they had changed the Fresco Rose paintpot with Bare Canvas instead, and replaced the lipglass with Icescape which I already have from the Love Lace Col. How come ???
-Single Eyeshadows: Theres only one that caught my eyes ... its the Glamora Castle ( pretty bluish grey ~ dark grey with teal tartan striping, which I think is great for smokey eyes ;)
- Her Blooming Cheek BLush .. this is sooo pretty !

Ok I think thats all for now. Ill be posting what Ill be getting, soon ! Happy weekends dear lovelies ;)


Moose said...

perhaps you can buy your desired set and take out those items that you want and sell the rest of the remaining items to your readers?

i mean, for newbie like me, even though a set is worth the money but sometimes i didn't even use all of it.

anna, i have something to ask. i want to buy MAC brush for eyeshadow. and as we know MAC have a whole range of it. can you recommend which number of brush(es) there worth buying?

sweet maniac said...

good idea. but I dont wanna take the risk. I tried to sell a few MAC items before in my blogshop, but sadly theres no response ;) so I just swap in Makeup alley. About the brushes, actually Im gonna do a review about 'em, what r my fav. brushes and the most essential brushes in my opinion. Ive planned to do this loong time ago, but due to workloads + laziness, asyik hold jer dulu. so do you mind to wait? ;)