Monday, November 22, 2010

Aniza's Engagement

Yesterday, on 21.10.10 my friend got engaged, and she hired me to do her makeup. The ceremony was held at Kota Damansara and of course,I snapped some photos to be shared here ;) Hope it inspires some of you out there. Enjoy the pictures !!

Well, this is the natural look of Aniza. Actually I didnt snap her pic before the makeup was done yesterday coz she had a high fever. She felt so depressed  of her bad condition, and I was actually didnt bother to snap the 'before' pic coz afraid that it could have made her depressed even more.This pic was taken the day she came to my house for a trial make up.

 Simple side bun and a white rose for a sweet lovely look

 She loves her eyes to be a bit dramatic , so thats what I did. Glad that she likes the look, and suddenly was feeling better. Oh, now I know makeup can be a remedy for high fever ! lol

The hantarans/engagement gifts are nicely decorated, here are just a few pictures that I snapped

love the colour combo !

simple mini dais decorated by herself. less is more. love it !

I had such a great moment yesterday!  Good food + your lovely friends and families + beautiful decorations = Blissful engagement ceremony. Congratulations Aniza + Elyas. I wish you many years of joy, health and endless love ! Not to forget, BIG thanx for trusting me to do your make up on your beautiful day ;)


efa fairuz said...

kulit die cantik..dah memang natural beauty nih..lepas makeup lagi la cantik

mOOn said...

sangat2 cantik.. terus jadi macam muka pembaca berita yg kat tv3 tuh. nama apa tah... =)

sweet maniac said...

efa: yess indeed. the most important thing for a flawless makeup ialah great skin ! ;)

moon: thanx for the compliment dear. hehe pembaca berita yg mana satu tu. im curious..

Aida Narina said...

awww, love love the make up!! this is the look that I want for my engagement :D hehee..

sweet maniac said...

tq ;) you love heavy on the eyes ! hehe

Nadiah said...


Cantik lipstick dia,it's from MAC?
pink-orange colour dia kan?

sweet maniac said...

its a peach colour but i used a deeper colour lip liner

Moose said...

hey i know her! what a small world. :)

sweet maniac said...

she's my uia friend ;)

emaduel said...

hey i know her too..haha
she's my ex-office mate.
die memang lawa pun.HOT!hehe

Tasha said...

suka bunga tu letak macam tu. like~

Azlinda Rusli said...

hello anna,

xnak puji make up sebab mmg dah tentu2 nye cantik...n org2 di ats have said enough..hehe

nak puji gambar, gambar u snap cantik..ala2 pro guna RICOH ke?