Friday, November 5, 2010

Solemnization Makeup

Date: 29th October, 2010
Event: Solemnization, Night event
Location: Alia's house in Kuantan


Athirah said...,i luv her eyebrow! cantiks laaa :) make up pon so so je kan..xover sgt..n suitable for solemnization kan..2 thumbs up for u!

Nadiah said...

Beautiful....may I know the lipstick colour? from MAC?

sweet maniac said...

athirah: thanx for the compliment dear ;)

Nadiah: its warm me up by mac.. tp limited edition. maybe you can search on ebay ;)Im sure the price is mark-up to the max coz its LE

Aya@Pansy Princess said...

hi there, always admire ur touch :) ade hntr email to u tp xde reply.. nk tnye sikit pasal bridal make up nie. hope 2 keep in touch

Zumie said...